Our Destiny and beyond . . .

Where did the Fall go?  We had an exciting start to the school year by installing a new library management system called “Destiny”.  It is amazing!  We are very excited about the potential offered by this software, which is our online catalog, to assist our students, staff and parents find exactly what they are looking for.

First, I wish to express my gratitude to all those who donated to DSEF.  Through DESF, all 4 schools in the Dover Sherborn Districts were able to purchase and install Destiny.  We couldn’t have done this without their generous support … thank you!

We are learning new components of the program, almost daily.  The students love that we no longer have a ‘barcode book’.  This old 3-ring notebook contained all the student and staff barcodes needed to borrow books.  Now we have ‘gone Green’!  They can find their barcode by homeroom or last name, on the checkout computer and then click on their ‘image’ or name to access their account.  They are very excited.

We are thrilled to finally be able to purchase eBooks.  We have placed our first order and are eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Students will be able to access these eBooks at school or home.  Destiny is a web-based program accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7!  Now I just need to create accounts for all the students and staff.

Please check back as we announce each new feature that will make finding information or items much easier for everyone.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Chase

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  1. Mrs. Chase,
    Can’t wait ’til the eBook program is up and running. Is this a web based platform or will the books be usable through any eReader like Kindle or iBook?

  2. Dear Mr. Johnson,
    The first of our eBooks have arrived. I’m very excited. Currently, the eBooks are web based. You can borrow and download them but you need the eReader on your computer. A link on Destiny’s Homepage will be coming shortly, to download the eReader. Currently, it is easier to just read them online through Destiny right now. The Guest password for eReaders is on Chickering’s Destiny Homepage. Each student now may use their school network login to access eBooks, reserve books from home, create books lists for themselves and many more get things. Instructing them all these features will begin after the Winter Vacation. We had a student, request a book from home, and we had it waiting for them when they came into the library the next day. The student was thrilled.
    Most of the eBooks are nonfiction, to support our curriculum, since they will work with our Interactive White Boards (IWBs). My next order will be for some fiction titles, also to support our curriculum, for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops.
    Still trying to decide on the best action for eBooks. Kindle is proprietary, where iBook, Google Books, Nook, etc. are all using a standard eBook format called ePub and can be used on any of their eReaders.
    Stay tuned as we continue our adventure with eBooks.
    Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Chase

  3. Sounds great!
    For what it’s worth, maybe the ePub standard is the way to go given it’s open standard nature.
    Selfishly it works across all the appliances we have at home as well:)

  4. We’re liking Destiny a lot, but I have decided against any e books until they have been around for a while. We do work with the Ohio E Book Project a bit, but have found it to be cumbersome.

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