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On Friday, April 13th, a very special visitor’s voice was heard coming from the cafeteria.  Miss Viola Swamp was reading to all the Grade 1, 2 and 3 students during each of their lunchtimes.  This was a special request from our Principal-for-a-day, Ms Lucy.  During a recent fundraiser, “Wild West Bonanza” by the school’s PTO,  Ms Lucy’s parents bid on the chance that Lucy might be Principal-for-a-day … and they won!

Miss Viola Swamp with Principal LucyThis is a tradition, at Chickering, for a student to become Principal-for-a-day.  They may make special ‘one-day’ initiatives at the school.  Ms Lucy wanted the Grade 1, 2, and 3 students to have a special visitor read them a story during their lunch.  She came to me asked if I could help her fulfill this wish.  One doesn’t have to ask me more than once if I would like to dress-up as a book character.  Ms Swamp is one of my favorites … and none of the students, currently at the school, had met Ms Swamp.  So I rounded up all my materials from my storage closet, which the students have dubbed, the costume closet.  Mrs. Chase took a break and Miss Viola Swamp came to school.

The power of a story, always amazes me.  While Miss Swamp was in the cafeteria, reading Miss Nelson is Missing, you could hear a pin drop!  I had scanned in the pictures and projected them on a large screen so that students could see the images while listening to the words.  (Remember picture books are designed to have the text and pictures compliment and support each other.) It was amazing to see all the children so engaged.  We practiced our observation skills with text and images and they shared their evidence that Viola Swamp was really Miss Nelson in disguise.

Principal Lucy and the students, in these three grades, thought this was the best lunchtime ever!  So did Viola Swamp!

Happy Reading Everyone!

Mrs. Chase

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