Race to the Moon and Back!

Image of the book and sneaker charms received for reading and exercising minutes.Our challenge this year, for FIT & LIT, was to read the number of minutes [1 mile = 1 minute] needed to reach the moon and return to Earth. The students were divided into two teams, Grades K, 3 and 5 would travel in Rocket 1 and Grades 1, 2 and 4 would travel in Rocket 2.

We always have a Kick-Off Assembly to launch our Fit and Lit incentive program each year to exercise both our minds and bodies. All the teachers surprised the students by performing a dance, which really had them excited – a demonstration of one way to earn Fit minutes.

Listening to stories as well as reading them is a way to earn Lit minutes. This year I shared the new book, The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about reading this book to the entire school … since it is important for the students to not only hear the reader but to “see” the reader’s facial expressions. We gathered in the gym and needed to turn some lights off in order to see each page of the book projected on the wall. Fortunately, the students all responded in the right places and in the right way! Whew! They loved the book. The book hasn’t been on the shelf since I read it to the school on January 7th.

After 5 weeks, the students more than exercised/read the number of minutes need for this round-trip to the moon. The children loved seeing the Earth – the 2 rockets – the moon – displayed in our lobby. Each Monday the rockets would show each team their progress from the week before. I loved hearing the students’ exclamations when they arrived to school to see where their rocket was in their journey to the moon and back. [Our library overlooks the lobby.] Rocket 1 was trailing slightly behind Rocket 2 all through the first 4 weeks. During the final week, Rocket 1 pulled ahead of Rocket 2 to win.

The children are so proud of their work and wear their FIT & LIT necklaces as a badge of accomplishment!

Happy Reading and Exercising,


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