Kindergarten Author Study: Eric Carle

Eric Carle is such a wonderful author/illustrator to use as an author study. There is a wonderful video called Eric Carle, Picture Writer available. He tells about is love of art, from an early age; the same age as our kindergarten students. He shows how he creates his amazing tissue paper which he uses to design his picture books and then how he uses the tissue paper to create his amazing illustrations.

Cover of the book: From Head to Toe by Eric CarleOne of the favorite books, each year, is Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe. I fun book that you literally cannot sit still and read! The students created a book of their own, modeled after this book.

Eric Carle has an animal doing an movement and a human child mimicking the same movement. Each class brainstormed an animal, not used in his book, and a movement that both the animal and a human can do. They then created their page with their animal and movement. To assist them, I give them a template for the animal but they must create themselves making the same movement.

I used the iPad App: Book Creator. I took pictures of each of their pages and made a book. Then I recorded each child reading their page, with the App and made a movie of the book to share with you all. [Some children, after reading their page, added “by (their first name)” and others chose not to add anything]. I will be sending their art work home with them on the last day of school so you can keep their creation. Now digitally, they can share their page and their class book with family and friends.

Mrs. Brannelly’s Class Book

Mrs. Delaney’s Class Book

Mrs. Disch’s Class Book

Happy Reading and Listening!

Mrs. Chase

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