Grades 1 through 5

1st and 2nd grade students have library every other week opposite Technology.

We will meet for 40 minutes every other week opposite Technology. They will have a 30-minute lesson – Interactive Read Aloud and/or Research, then 10 minutes to choose new books. A maximum of 4 books may be checked out or as many as their teacher requires or the student needs. Not all books checked out will come home … some teachers require the students to have a book(s) in their classroom.

Grade 3 , 4, and 5 have book checkout time every other week.

All students may come at any time to choose and exchange books, with their teacher’s permission.

Students may return books anytime they need new ones, before school or with their teacher’s permission during the school day; they do not need to wait until their next scheduled book check out time to choose a new book.

Each time students come with their class to the library, we provide a ‘Reminder Notice’ to help the students remember the books they currently have out.

I will be collaborating with all grade level teachers to begin helping our students in their journey to access, use, evaluate and communicate information learned … to become ‘Information Literate’. The classroom teachers, Mr. Harte, technology teacher, and I are exploring some provocative project ideas to be done in school together.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate together to enrich and enhance the curriculum. Already scheduled for this fall are explorations into the Early Explorers of North/South America, Immigration, Exploring the North American Continent and Exploring Massachusetts early immigrants and the Thanksgiving Myth.  By arranging the library schedule for collaboration, it allows us to complete a major research project in 1-2 weeks, meeting several times a week, instead of spread out over many weeks.  Learning is much better for everyone in this format.

As projects are scheduled, I will post our activities, via this Blog, and keep you appraised of our new learning. We are all on an adventure together as we grow in our knowledge of finding, using, understanding and communicating new information we have learned … to be discerners of information in this Information Age.


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