PreSchool and Kindergarten

PreSchool and Kindergarten students have a scheduled library time each week. I will be collaborating with ALL teachers to begin helping our students in their journey to access, use, evaluate and communicate information learned … to become ‘Information Literate’. The classroom teachers, Mr. Harte, technology teacher, and I are exploring some exciting project ideas to be done in school together. 
Children may return books anytime they need new ones, before school or with teacher’s permission during the school day; they do not need to wait until their next library class to choose a new book. Each time students come with their class to the library, we provide a ‘Reminder Notice’ to help the students remember the books they currently have out. Kindergarten students come each week to the library for 40 minutes:

30 minute lesson – Interactive Read Aloud or Research
10 minutes to choose new book
PreSchool: # of books borrowed = 1
Kindergarten: # of books borrowed = 2


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